Why there was a need to launch new product – HP Elite Dragonfly?

Why there was a need to launch new product – HP Elite Dragonfly?
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It was about time, that a new and modern business laptop is introduced to the world. A laptop which works like a business machine, but doesn’t look like one. A laptop that speaks class and style, while functioning like a mean computing device. Professionals around the world were seeking a new upgrade to their existing laptops, when HP finally introduced its newest elite fleet member – buy HP Dragonfly laptop.

Let’s discuss in detail if it was a good move by HP to launch Dragonfly and for the users to buy HP Dragonfly laptop or not.

To understand if Dragonfly fits the bill, we will first have to understand the pain points of its target customer base – the new age professionals.

  1. In order to be fearless and confident in presentations, a good looking premium laptop becomes a necessity for professionals.
  2. Since today’s professionals are always on the move, Mobility and freedom becomes a top notch priority for them as well.
  3. To support a busy work schedule, long lasting battery becomes a must.
  4. Multi-layered security protects us against unwanted cyber and security attacks, and is a common offering amongst many HP laptops series’.
  5. Since work styles of professionals change from person to person, convertibility and touch support is a value adding-on.
  6. To collaborate effectively one requires- multiple high speed connectivity ports, ultra-bright display with an HD webcam and audio system.

Now, that we know what is required, we can compare and know if the HP Dragonfly offers the above mentioned features or not.

Buy HP Dragonfly Laptop:

  • To buy HP Dragonfly laptop totally ensures the first tick box by being one of the most premium looking and sophisticated laptop in the market.
  • HP Elite Dragonfly weighs around 1Kg which makes it the lightest business laptop out there in the market, and also the one offering maximum mobility and freedom to its users.
  • Housing the 4-cell, 56 Watt hour battery, HP dragonfly trumps all other laptops by rendering up to 13 hours of run time. Additionally, with fast charging feature you get 50% of the battery in just 30 mins.
  • IR-camera with face recognition, fingerprint reader and self-healing BIOS, are some of the prominent security features offered by HP Dragonfly.
  • With touch pen support and convertible screen, you can continue doing your best work, no matter where and when you are.

Looking at all the offerings by HP Dragonfly, there is no doubt in our mind that it is one of the classiest and sassiest laptop in the market. It is a product of innovation and perseverance, which is equally celebrated by the professionals and end consumers.