Security Features You Should Look for in a Business Laptop

Security Features You Should Look for in a Business Laptop
HP EliteBook laptop 2020

When it comes to purchasing a business laptop, most people look for features like mobility, durability, and performance. These are, without even an inch of doubt, essential concerns for every businessman, but the security provisions of a laptop must not be neglected. You might think installing an anti-virus software is all you need to keep yourself safe, but with attackers constantly coming up with new ways of breaching security, you need something more to keep your private data as it is. HP EliteBook laptop 2020 is one of this kind.

Let’s have a look at the security features provided by HP EliteBook laptop 2020.

Pre-Boot Authentication

This feature protects your laptop from unauthorized access. Pre-boot authentication requires a user to authenticate himself or herself immediately after the device starts, and even before the OS boots. This provides you an upper hand against the attacks that exploit the facility to boot from a device other than the primary hard drive.

Biometrics Protection

Biometrics makes the use of your own physical features to secure your device, which cannot be easily accessed by malicious parties. Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition are two of the most popular biometrics authentication measures. Look for devices that provide multi-factor authentication, i.e. using two or levels of parameters to identify a user before granting access.

Password Protected Hard Drives

Attackers can simply remove an unprotected hard drive from a healthy system and insert it into a compromised one. A password protected hard drive stays safe, as the password is asked for at power-on mode itself, and in case a wrong one is entered, the information contained in the drive remains inaccessible. The password is stored in the drive itself. It can be only authenticated, and cannot be read.

Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs)

Go for business laptops with SEDs that provide hardware based data encryption. They encrypt data with greater speed and perform better than software based encryption. SEDs are crucial to protect your data in case your laptop gets lost or stolen.

Self-healing BIOS

Laptops with a self-healing BIOS can automatically detect and recover from corruption and malware attacks, so that no crucial data is lost.

HP EliteBook laptop 2020, from the tech giant’s range of premium-class notebooks, embodies all the latest security features needed to safeguard your data. It is HP’s most secure business laptop. Solaris offers you a wide selection of the latest HP EliteBook laptop 2020 models, with the promise of exceptional service and sales support. You can check out these business laptops, right here.