HP ProBook 400 series – Take something extra home

HP ProBook 400 series – Take something extra home
hp probook laptop in chennai

HP made two additions to its ProBook 400 series of late. These enterprise PCs are inclined toward remote workers and small businesses; especially when the world out there is compelled to opt for “work from home”. Solaris provides you with this HP ProBook laptop in Chennai.

With the upswing of remote workers; a PC endowed with everything is needed for getting the job done irrespective of the side factors. This is what Bill Gorden (VP of commercial notebook product management at HP) has to say. HP ProBook 455 G7 and HP ProBook 445 G7 laptops have been designed keeping long battery life and powerful performance in mind. The other factors to be considered include fast connectivity and enterprise-grade security.

As they are HP products, built-in security features like HP Sure Sense, HP Sure State, and HP privacy Camera come by default. Plus, these devices are accompanied with 180-degree hinge. This enables flat design. The other features include compatibility with USB-C dock for transitioning laptops into desktop workspace and HP Extended Range Wireless LAN. Solaris is happy to provide HP ProBook laptop in Chennai in the wake of shift toward remote work due to Covid-19.

Mika Kitagawa, director analyst at Gartner has said that laptops have grown at a temporary pace; especially as more people are working from home. HP ProBooks 455 and 445 are being made available now. Research also states that in the upcoming period; several corporate houses would be asking their employees to work from home; as it is looked upon as a cost-effective solution. Herein, these new versions from HP will work wonders.

Moreover, HP ProBooks have always acted as a bridge between HP’s Elite series and the simpler versions. Budget has also been taken into consideration; so, along with small and medium businesses, academicians could try their hand on these ProBooks. They would also get benefited with respect to cost and e-learning. These avenues are meant to be explored at their highest level in the present scenario.



Solaris, one of the premium partners to HP, is known to make way for top-class IT solutions coupled with appropriate “after-purchase” support. In other words, the company provides backend support to all the HP products.