Cost reduction, solving complex business problems and improving system performance are the core of today’s IT agenda. Recognizing how cloud computing can help you achieve these goals is the first step.

We, at Solaris understand how to successfully migrate your applications to the cloud and help you achieve your business goal and thereby remarkably reduce the cost of IT.

Solaris offers assessment, migration and management services focused on Cloud Computing. We partner with the leading Cloud Computing Technology providers like HP to offer best of breed solution to our clients and ensure their smooth transition to the cloud.

The Challenge

Cloud comes with reasons like excellent cost benefits and adding agility to customers. Through Cloud computing, an organization can instantly deploy applications where the core technology components compliment it perpetually which will add more robustness and flexibility to any business life cycle.

Conventionally applications become dependent on a particular infrastructure the moment they were deployed and modified only when the infrastructure was upgraded resulting in low efficiency and utilization.

Cloud enablers such as visualization and grind computing allow applications to be dynamically deployed onto the most suitable infrastructure at run time. This allows applications to scale and grow without needing traditional hand-picked upgrades.

Key Benefits

  • Customized IT infrastructure solution as per the specific business requirements
  • Reduce operational cost and flexibility of “Pay per use”
  • Optimize resource utilization and save on power and space costs of IT infrastructure.
  • Companies can scale resource on-demand.