Leverage 100% of relevant data

Cost reduction, solving complex business problems and improving system performance are the core of today’s IT agenda. Recognizing how cloud computing can help you achieve these goals is the first step.

Uncover Business Value from Data

HP and its premium partner Solaris put the power of Big Data in your hands

Digital Data is doubling in size every two years. That alone is an interesting fact. But what’s really compelling is that businesses are harvesting and using this data to improve market knowledge, and enhance competitiveness and transform their operational and business models.

Businesses have always sought to mine actionable information from data. But capitalizing on the vast potential value of Big Data requires a new approach. Traditional data warehouse and business intelligence tools don’t provide answers fast enough. Big data analytics—tools and processes created specifically to turn big data and analytics into business insight—allow business leaders to develop a conversational relationship with data. It’s an approach where answers suggest better questions and refinement leads to insight.

Get the business results you want by using an application optimized, purpose built, factory integrated and modern data warehouse solutions that enables your Big Data to scale at high speed and low cost, coupled with rapid deployment and simplified maintenance and resume work.

Unleash the Power of Big Data

Data centers built one-silo-at-a-time are inefficient and inflexible. HP Converged Systems integrated systems give you the agility to adapt to business and customer needs.

Fast: Deploy new systems in weeks instead of months, set up IT services in seconds, and fix problems before they disrupt operations.
Simple: Manage as one instead of as many with an intuitive, unified tool.
Efficient: Automate manual processes, increase productivity, and reduce staff costs by up to 224% and TCO by up to 24% more than the competition.
Key Benefits

Gain insights from new kinds and higher volumes of data, while leveraging your existing data investment.
Unlock the power of enterprise collaboration through data lakes and visualization.
Leverage 100% of relevant data to increase business agility and strike a competitive advantage.
Speed the path to implementation with standard Big Data platforms; avoid technology obsolescence.
Experience delivery competence with HP’s skilled data scientists.

BI Modernization Services

Advisory Services

Assess traditional data assets relative to desired business outcomes and provide industry focused strategy, proof of value, and actionable roadmaps to enhance and transform BI environments.

Data Discovery Services

Enable rapid data sharing and analytic discovery collaboration. HP’s Data Discovery Services provide several options for a full discovery experience. Explore, test, and learn in a safe discovery environment, while also focusing on best practices and data governance policies.

Analytic Solutions

Accelerate business insights and outcomes with HP’s customized and pre-packaged analytic solution services. Analyze, understand, and act on relevant data to gain capital and operational efficiencies, better understand and satisfy customers, and grow revenue.

Hybrid Data Management Services

Create a modern analytics platform. Optimize existing BI technologies and integrate advanced analytics into business processes and systems spanning corporate data centers and public and private clouds. Govern and manage your information to streamline processes while unlocking hidden insight.

Consumption Based Services

Speed the path to implementation without entering into technology obsolescence risks with flexible choices of service and platform delivery models.

Managed Services

Achieve full value of the modernized environment with additional assistance from HP. We offer a range of added-value services for better SLAs and improved TCO enabling robust focus on business solutions.