Your Journey to Virtualization

Virtualization value is within your reach. Quickly and safely move beyond server virtualization by creating a ‘multiplier effect’ across servers, storage, network, clients, and management with the most comprehensive virtualization portfolio in the industry.

Transform your business by maximizing your virtualization value. No longer constrained to pure cost reduction benefits that are limiting your potential, advance your business and surpass your competition by utilizing HP’s comprehensive virtualization solutions to access reliable information and improve processes gained through optimizing applications in a secure virtualized environment.

This is one of the path breaking technology in IT history that has transformed the way computing happens and addresses the growing environmental concerns as well. Virtualization is a foundation for cloud computing and adoption rate across industry segments is very high.

Virtualization as a solution is offered by various global technology leaders and is deployed in the following areas:

  • Server Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Application Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Network Virtualization

We, at Solaris, provide these solutions in all the above areas. Our approach towards virtualization is a comprehensive plan for the entire IT Setup and execution can be implemented in phases as per the need of the organization. This helps organizations to leverage and benefit from this technology in totality and reduces overall operational cost and provides for a better IT infrastructure management.

Protect Investments

Be prepared. Is your IT ready for the world of mobility, Big Data and cloud? Safeguard your company’s information and secure your livelihood in the process through creating a change-ready virtualized IT environment now.

Transform IT

Virtualization beyond the hardware. It’s something overlooked but vitally important—your virtualization strategy needs to look beyond the infrastructure. Transform your IT organization by turning virtualization into a strategic business advantage through evaluating your people, processes, and policies.


Not sure what you are looking for? To get started, educate yourself more by checking out our library of virtualization assets. Included are case studies, industry and HP white papers, videos, demos and more. Tailored specifically for virtualization, you are sure to learn something new.

Realize the promise of Virtualization

HP Virtualization Services are consulting, education, implementation and support services that help you realize the results that virtualization promises. Through Virtualization Services we help you develop a virtualization strategy that matches your business and IT needs. We design the solution. We can install the solution, train your staff and help you transition it into production. And we help you merge your virtualized environment into effective and efficient operations processes.

The drive to virtualization—for data centers and clients—promises to reduce both acquisition costs and operations expenditures. And it can give IT more control over a complex environment. In turn, you must promise business users equal or better service than they would receive with dedicated resources. Virtualization Services help you achieve the benefits promised, and they help you deliver on promises you make to the business.

Start Services for VirtualSystem

The services deliver a combination of systems, software and rapid implementation with operational readiness assessment, factory integration services and onsite HP VirtualSystem for VMware VSphere 5.0 deployment. It enables clients to maximize performance for virtual workloads, scale resources predictably, and simplify configuration and management.