Transform how you store and manage your data

Today’s information has moved well beyond email and file data and now includes social media, IM, audio, video, and other types of structured content. But some of this data goes unmanaged, either because organizations are unprepared to properly handle it, or they choose to ignore the risk that this data presents. In many cases, information just can’t be identified, or is unknown “dark data” that typically resides in disparate sources such as personal files, legacy systems, and data accumulated through merger and acquisition activity.

Your business is likely experiencing explosive data growth from multiple content sources and ever-expanding data types, increased regulatory oversight, and mounting litigation involving electronic data. In some cases, data is doubling every 12-18 months, as new data formats such as social media, instant messaging, audio, and video are becoming part of business transactions; industry and government regulations are continuing to expand; and organizations must manage all of this without additional budget or resources.

Exponential data growth are driving unpredictable capacity and workload demands. For most of the companies, managing data is a major challenge.

Cloud enablers such as visualization and grind computing allow applications to be dynamically deployed onto the most suitable infrastructure at run time. This allows applications to scale and grow without needing traditional hand-picked upgrades.

We have vast experience in providing storage solutions for small, medium and enterprise environments. We provide solution on a heterogeneous environment.

Our storage solutions include:

  • Plan, Design, Implement & Maintain SAN/NAS/iSCSI Storage architecture.
  • Archive Solutions such as Host based or LAN free Backup.
  • Backup Software such as HP Data protector, Veritas etc.
  • Storage replication & Virtualization.

We understand intimately the critical relationship between secure, available data and running a successful business.

So, while other storage entities may bring you state-of-the-art storage products, Skylark goes even further to bring you not just the best pieces but total, customized, integrated solutions- with the services to back it up.