HP EliteBook vs HP ProBook : A Summary of Differentiating Features

HP EliteBook vs HP ProBook : A Summary of Differentiating Features
HP lightweight business laptop

When it comes to making a choice between two of the tech giant HP’s most powerful business notebooks, making up your mind can easily put you on a fence. The features of both – HP EliteBook (HP lightweight business laptop) and HP ProBook run neck and neck in the battle for supremacy.

Generally speaking, HP has placed the EliteBook a level up from the ProBook in its line of business notebooks, though the latter comes with almost the same features at a lower price.

Without further ado, let us proceed to list out the key distinguishing features between both these powerhouses.

Target Customers

HP lightweight business laptop is “EliteBook”. It belongs to the class of premium business models meant for clients of small and medium businesses, while HP ProBook is a more affordable alternative intended for mainstream business users. Though the latter costs less, both models are equipped with the latest processor technologies, which include Intel and AMD processors.


The EliteBook is designed to pass the rigorous MIL-STD 810G military standard test specifications. The extremely rugged laptop is sure to deliver the superior performance expected from it, even under extreme conditions.

The ProBook, though sturdy in itself, lacks the stamp of military grade specifications in some models. Being light in weight, it can easily be carried anywhere, enabling mobile businessmen to be work-ready at any given time.


HP lightweight business laptops are labelled as HP’s most secure business laptops, and are armed with the company’s most formidable security provisions.

The HP ProBooks, albeit boasting of a few less security measures than their EliteBook counterparts, are still secure enough to efficiently protect your data and identity.

To conclude, though HP EliteBook stands at a position higher than the ProBook in terms of price and a few extra embellishments, both these series are rigged with features that are essential for the modern businessman.