An In-depth HP 240 Notebook PC Review

An In-depth HP 240 Notebook PC Review

Today’s remote lifestyle has necessitated professionals across various industries to demand more from their technology of choice. The need of working around the clock, regardless of your location has raised the popularity of powerful business laptops over the average everyday consumer devices. However, as powerful as they are, most business laptops can reach a price range not accessible to everyone.

This HP 240 Notebook PC review highlights how this budget-friendly device affords a powerful computing experience for those who do not want to sacrifice performance for affordability.

Built for mobile lifestyle
While the HP 240 lacks the fancier embellishment of HP’s Elite and Pro laptop range, it still features a thin and light design suited to the aesthetic of modern professionals. The chassis is built for durability, so that you can easily take the notebook along for long commutes, without any fear of travel or accidental damage.

Along with portability, the reliablity of a strong Internet connection plays an important role in successful mobile work. With Gigabit LAN and optional WLAN combo, the HP 240 makes sure that you can always stay connected to your work.

Designed to deliver powerful performance
Despite being priced at value, the HP 240 notebook PC does not hold back on the power and functionality built inside. A powerful Intel® Core™ processor, fast memory and plenty of storage lets you confidently complete your projects and power your way through a busy work day.

A high speed solid state drive allows you the freedom to boot up and access your apps faster, while a high-capacity hard drive lets you enjoy expansive storage for all of your digital media files.

Ready to connect Notebook
With options for an RJ-45 port and HDMI port, you can easily and quickly connect to all your wired peripherals either in your office or at home. Moreover, with a fast and convenient SD card slot, you can quickly move data to and from your HP 240 Notebook PC.

Built for seamless collaboration
Online calls take up a huge part of your work day, especially when you are working remotely. Low audio quality and background disturbances seriously hamper the flow of online meetings. With high-quality speakers and HP Noise Cancellation Software that suppresses background noises (including keyboard clicks), you can be assured that every PC call you conduct will be productive.
Helps secure the future of your business
The HP 240 comes standard with a firmware Trusted Platform Module (TPM). It provides hardware-based encryption keys so that your critical data, emails and user credentials remain secure.