Why you should go for business laptop

Why you should go for business laptop
hp dragonfly business laptop

Most of the business professionals have this notion that they’ll be using laptops to only check emails and few Microsoft applications. But, think once again, why would manufacturers try so hard to differentiate between consumer and business notebooks? I think, while consumer laptops are more based on style and business laptops on durability! Not only are these points, but also, security, manageability, collaboration other few points that make a huge difference between business laptop and consumer laptops.

I am elaborating few points in this blog.

Durability – You do need a lasting laptop

As said earlier, durability is one of the most sought after features when it comes to business notebook. A business professional does not always work from office or home. He has places to visit and meetings to attend. In such scenario, it is important that laptop should be sturdy and durable. And, business laptops are built to last in longer run.

Security – For a comprehensive safety of data and privacy

Using a laptop for business means carrying crucial and private data around with you! So, how to ensure the security? You would need protection on multiple layers of the device such as on data, identity and privacy. HP Dragonfly business laptop come with security suites that provide a 360 degree safety to your device. Thus, you can be assured wherever you go!

Manageability – For a peace of mind

While travelling for business, this feature is the most significant one. You don’t want to worry about your software and hardware constantly. You need a laptop that can be easily managed without much of the IT interference. HP Dragonfly business laptops with different manageability kits and tools give you peace of mind. Compared to consumer laptops, they definitely are convenient to manage.

Collaboration – For always being connected

Conference calls, video calls are the inseparable part of business professional’s life. Thus, having quality audio and video is important, especially on the go. The noise cancellation technology and Wi-Fi connect is as important. Business laptops are geared up with latest technologies that will help you to be connected all the time.


HP Dragonfly business laptops are sturdy, durable, secure, manageable and most importantly thoughtfully designed to the demands of professionals today. Hence, it is advisable to go business laptops instead of consumer.