Why HP ZBook laptops are the first choice of business professionals?


Business laptops are always evolving and they have to keep up with the constant changes in the modern workplace. Whereas every other laptop manufacturer is trying to outperform others by launching new devices one after another, HP ZBook stands apart from the crowd through its stellar performance and affordable pricing. HP ZBook is available in all major business capitals in India. When considering Chennai, Solaris, being an official partner of HP, provide the best HP ZBook laptop price in Chennai. In this blog, we will see how ZBook laptops are a great choice and how an authorized partner like Solaris can help you in the buying process.

ZBook Firefly comes in a compact form with a 14 or 15-inch screen and weighs around 3.74 lbs. The display consists of a vibrant IPS screen with a Full HD resolution. It sports an i7 11th Gen processor, with a clock speed reaching up to 4.8 GHz, which is the fastest processor in its category. For handling graphics-intensive tasks, this laptop is powered by an Nvidia T500 GPU. Combined with 32 GB of RAM (extendible up to 64 GB), it can easily handle all kinds of computation-intensive tasks like 3D rendering and statistical data analysis, with ease.

All HP laptops are admired for their security features. HP ZBook laptops are no different. These include a host of security features like HP DriveLock, SecureErase, Sure Start, fingerprint sensor, HP Client Security Manager, privacy screen-filter, Sure Click, data encryption, etc. HP has kept in mind all the aspects of security and thus given the users a comprehensive set of security features to keep their worries away.

In the connectivity realm, HP ZBook is up to date with all the latest standards of WIFI, Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB Type-C connectivity. The fully aluminum body gives this laptop a robust and durable build. Its backlit, noiseless keyboard is ideal for typing for a longer duration of time. ZBook series of laptops have fairly affordable pricing too. When compared to business notebooks from other brands, HP has managed to keep the prices down and yet has provided an amazing laptop in the form of the ZBook workstation.

When buying an HP business laptop it’s always advisable to buy from an HP authorized partner. These partners are certified vendors who can suggest you the most suitable notebooks as per your requirements and then provide lucrative deals on the purchase. Also, the after-sales support is an added benefit. If you are looking for HP EliteBooks laptops in Chennai at the best prices, then consider contacting us at Solaris. We are one of the trusted partners and providers of HP products in India.