Get best in the class performer- Buy HP Large Format Printers!

Get best in the class performer- Buy HP Large Format Printers!

Enterprises and businesses search for the printers, which would not only help them execute their printing jobs sustainably but would also help them do it faster-to maintain the optimum business growth. HP Large Format Printers have been designed to suit the needs of corporations and businesses, and have proved their worth by being the best in their class in every aspect. You can buy HP large format printer in Chennai from Solaris- a name which has become synonyms with quality and trust when it comes to sourcing IT hardware or Printing solutions in India.

More about HP Large Format Printer-

More saving with better performance: cut your job preparation and production costs by up to 50%, and print technical color documents at the lowest cost in the market.

Multiple Media Support: prints on anything from Bond and recycled papers, poster papers, polypropylene, Tyvek papers to matte film.

Enhanced Security:  HP Large format printers come with pre-built dynamic security features so that you don’t have to worry about the external attacks and data breaches in the network.

About Us:
Solaris as an Organization providing sales and after-sales effective and efficient services covering the complete spectrum of I.T products and is organized along the industrial lines in order to provide the Customer the utmost satisfaction. To achieve this objective we have sales and support branches in all metros and cosmos. We supply and support the entire ranges of – Intel & AMD based Desktops, Laptops & Servers, dot matrix, line matrix, desk jets, and laser printers, tape and disk libraries, networking products, security products, ups systems, office automation products like currency counting systems, point of sale systems and time recorders.